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Free fire boost

To support the construction and fire sector during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has removed all charges for pdf downloads of its key guidance documents from 1 June, offering free access for all to these essential educational resources.

The ASFP Colour book series, the ASFP Guide to Inspecting Passive Fire Protection for Fire Risk Assessors; and the ASFP Guide to Ensuring Best Practice for Passive Fire Protection in Buildings will all now be available for free download from the ASFP website. The move is seen as key to raising awareness of passive fire protection and ensuring the safety of the built environment in these difficult times.

Referenced in the Building Regulations, the ASFP Colour Books provide definitive guidance on a range of passive fire protection measures used to protect steelwork, ductwork, partitions, fire stopping and penetrations seals and other components.

The ASFP Guide to Inspecting Passive Fire Protection for Fire Risk Assessors offers advice for fire risk assessors and those directly involved in the specification, installation or maintenance of passive fire protection. It lays out clear, pragmatic guidance to enable the identification and inspection of all types of passive fire protection as part of a fire risk assessment.

The ASFP Guide to Ensuring Best Practice for Passive Fire Protection in Buildings defines the roles and responsibilities of professionals throughout a building’s lifecycle, from design, through to occupation. It includes advice for the client/developer, designers, main and specialist contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, regulators and enforcers, as well as the building occupier.

Removing charges from these key documents will allow the full range of the ASFP Guidance in the Publications area of the ASFP website to be accessed for free. Other popular ASFP publications include its range of Technical Guidance Documents and Advisory Notes.

For those who wish to further improve their passive fire protection knowledge, the ASFP offers an online course designed to provide a basic knowledge of passive fire protection and its role in the overall fire strategy of a building.

Consisting of 13 short online videos, each around 10-15 minutes in length, the Online Introduction to Passive Fire Protection is designed to provide a broad understanding of the subject of passive fire protection. The learner will gain knowledge of all types of passive fire protection systems; as well as modules on fire safety in buildings; human behaviour in fire; fire testing; contractor responsibilities; and the role of active fire protection.

Successful completion of the e-learning course will enable delegates to better understand the role of the various fire safety measures in the built environment, and particularly passive fire protection. On completion of an online multiple-choice test, learners receive confirmation of completion and are awarded 3 CPD hours.

For further information on all ASFP online resources visit www.asfp.org.uk. Charges will still apply for hard copies of the documents, which can be ordered from info@asfp.org.uk; tel: 01420 4716




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