Fire door investigation



Fire door test at Cambridgeshire Fire Research on behalf of Bluesky Certification showed that even a flawed fire doorset should resist for over 30 minutes



The government is undertaking an investigation into the fire door industry following concerns about the consistency of flat front entrance fire doors against the required performance standards.


Where doors that have failed tests are installed, building owners should speak to the contractor responsible for installation or the supplier that produces the doors to get further information about the nature of failure and potential action required. They should also review their building fire risk assessments to determine how quickly these doors should be replaced.



As soon as doors fail a government-commissioned safety test, the supplier is informed and asked to remove the product from the market. The company should then investigate the reason for the failure to understand what action they need to take to remedy the problem.


In parallel, the government will inform National Trading Standards who will ensure local investigations are carried out to determine if and when the fire door concerned can return to market. They will also inspect the supplier’s operations and commission further investigations into other fire doors produced by the supplier as appropriate.


The government’s independent expert panel and the National Fire Chiefs Council has clarified that while the risk to public safety remains low, those buildings affected by this issue should review their fire risk assessment to consider this new information and determine how quickly affected doors should be replaced.