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John Agnew

Beware misinformation says GGF


The GGF has cautioned the industry against being taken in by misinformation published about  COVID-19.


Given the serious nature of this misinformation, the GGF has now raised this matter with Government who have confirmed that the examples of misinformation provided were inaccurate, incorrect and were opinion-based and not factual.


One example states, which appeared as a governement update said: “The government believes that tradespeople are more likely to maintain safe distancing and practises than people meeting up with their family (hence differences in restrictions)”


When put to the government (BEIS Directorate of Construction) the response was: “These points are a matter of opinion on the part of the organisation that published them. They have not been made by any organisation that is a part of HM Government nor have they been published on any Government information websites.”


 Another source stated: “It is understood that the infection rate will increase” which, in the context, completely goes against all the government messages and statistics that show the infection rate will in fact decrease rather than increase, due to the safety measures being taken.  


GGF MD John Agnew says: “It is unacceptable for anyone to be acting in this way at a time when our industry needs accurate, correct and verified information. By contrast, the GGF has launched a First to Market safe guide for homeowners, followed by the launch of the GGF’s new Safe Guide for home improvement companies, which offers comprehensive, accurate and up to date information for installers to work safely in people’s homes.


The new Guides have integrated the most recent and relevant Government Guidance on working safely in people’s homes during the COVID-19 crisis.


James Lee, GGFdirector of external affairs says: “The GGF policy has always been to deliver high quality information that can be trusted by both trade and consumers and both guides are to the expected GGF standard.”


Both new publications have been produced in collaboration with a diverse cross section of Industry experts, GGF members, GGF staff and government officials.


John Agnew says: “In these difficult times, I would also advise all companies to follow the GGF and government guidance available, and to avoid the misinformation that is out there. This misinformation and misleading opinion appear to be designed to divide our industry at a time when, more than ever, we need to be united and rebuild following the devastating impact of COVID-19. As always, the GGF will continue to liaise with government and work with members and industry experts, to ensure the best possible information and guidance is made available to help companies and consumers cope through this extraordinary period.”


Both GGF Safe Guides are for all companies in the industry to use and are available for free download and viewing on the GGF website




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